LVShowgirl Optional Events

Scratch Masters Competition

The Optional Scratch Masters competition is open to Showgirl 2022 bowlers only.

There will be four (4) divisions. The nine (9) game scratch total from the handicap tournament is used to determine the minimum six (6) qualifiers, this could be expanded to eight (8) qualifiers depending on total number of entries in Showgirl 2022 plus alternates for the Round Robin (match game) competition. If a TIE exists for bottom position, there will be a one-game roll-off to determine the last qualifier.

The qualifiers will bowl one (1) match game against each of the other qualifiers, and a final position match. The winner of each match receives 30 bonus pins added to their score, the loser gets zero (0) bonus points. In case of a tie, 15 bonus pins are added to each bowler’s score.

A lane schedule will be posted before the squad begins. This lists what lane each bowler is to bowl on for each of the matches. The final match is determined by position. The leader draws for the first lane. All other positions line up to the right of the leader’s lane.

The highest four (4) bowlers from the match game competition advance to the finals, with #4 vs. #3, the winner of that match bowls #2, etc. A lane change will occur after each step ladder game. There are no bonus pins awarded, and no carry over from the match game competition. If a TIE exists during any game of the final stepladder competition, a 9th and 10th frame roll-off determines which bowler advances.

Bowlers must check in at least fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled match game competition (@ 8:15 am), scheduled match starts at 8:30 am on Sunday.

If a bowler has not checked in by the 8:15 am pre-check-in time, the alternate bowls. The unavailable bowler is disqualified and forfeits his/her entry fee into Scratch Masters. The alternate assumes the #6 (or lowest) position and the others advance accordingly.

Bowlers are allowed 2 balls on each lane before the start of each stepladder match. Practice lanes will be set up for others while they await their match during the step ladder.

All Events

All Events is the total of all nine (9) games (Team, Singles & Doubles Events) with handicap. Entry fee is $10. Your scores will be ranked with all other entries that pays for this event.

Best 3 of 9 Event

Best 3 of 9 event is your best three (3) game scores from all nine (9) games (Team, Singles & Doubles Events) with handicap. Entry fee is $10. Your scores will be ranked with all other entries that pays for this event.

Scratch and Handicap Brackets

Entry fee: $5.00 per bracket (new set of brackets for each squad) - unlimited entries. Example if you wanted to get into 3 scratch brackets and 4 handicap brackets for the singles event, it would cost you $35 for that squad. 3 x $5 = $15 plus 4 x $5 = $20 total $35.

"What is a bracket?"

Brackets are eight-person, match play, single game elimination mini-tournament run concurrently with tournament play. A bowler can enter one or more brackets, but can only enter once in each bracket. The eight bowlers in each bracket are randomly assigned to four single game matches using games 1 thru 3. First game scores determine the first round winners. Those four bowlers advance to round two, where the second game score determines who advances to the final round. In the final round, third game score determines the bracket winner. There will be both handicap and scratch brackets.

"Why handicap brackets?"

In each round of each bracket, you only have to beat one opponent. For handicap brackets, you don’t necessarily have to bowl the highest score each game to make money. Scratch brackets are based on scratch scores only; handicap brackets are based on scratch scores plus enter tournament entering average handicap.

1 to 4 cash ratio in every bracket. 25% of entrants in each bracket cash! With handicap added to each game, a lower average bowler still has a good chance of winning. Win two rounds and double your money!

"Where do I sign up!"?

Bracket sign-ups close at the beginning of each tournament shift (A & B). You can sign up at the bracket table, that will be set up, until brackets are closed (normally at the start of the first game). All brackets are computerized and printouts of the alive list will be posted after each game. The entire brackets will be printed after each squad. Brackets with seven entries will have a "bye" entry and the payout will diminish accordingly. You can enter as many brackets as you want at the beginning of each tournament shift.

We hope that you will have lots of fun with brackets.

Side Pots

We will also be running handicap Mystery Double side pots, $10 per event will get you into all 9-games for the weekend. Winners will be the highest mystery doubles paired by the computer and paid out after each game. See the Bracket table for entry.