Showgirl 2019 Tournament Rules


The following shall govern the Showgirl Invitational Tournament:

1) The Showgirl Invitational Tournament will be a mixed handicap competition open to men and women by invitation only.

2) This tournament will be a USBC sanctioned event and will be held in accordance with USBC rules and regulations.

3) All entrants are required to hold current 2018/2019 USBC membership cards (Rule 300c).  Participants who are not members of USBC must purchase a card at the current rate. Must be an IGBO member or bowl on an IGBO sanctioned league.  Non-IGBO members will be required to pay the IGBO membership fee or will be disqualified.

4) Professional bowlers, identified as belonging to a professional organization, shall be permitted to bowl the tournament as follows:

    i. Not more than one professional bowler in a four-player lineup.

    ii. Not more than one professional bowler in a two-player lineup.

    iii. Professional bowlers shall be eligible to enter Singles, All Events & Scratch Masters Event.

    iv. Professional bowlers MUST identify themselves at the time of registration.

    v. In the event that a professional bowler does not provide proper identification prior to bowling, they will be disqualified from the tournament.

5) The following rules shall be used to determine the entering average

    a) The 2018/2019 USBC Composite Book Average or IGBO Tournament Average Database (TAD) average (21-game minimum) as of 7/31/2019, whichever is higher.

    b) If none, The 2017/2018 USBC Composite Book Average (21-game minimum).

    c) If none, the highest league average as of 6/1/19 (21-game minimum).

    d) If none, then highest 2019 summer average (21-game minimum).

    e) If none, then entering average shall be 225.

    f) The above averages must be verified by use of:

        i) The USBC book averages verified on & TAD on IGBO and/or a photocopy of the 6/1/19 standing sheet from each league bowled

6) Tournament officers reserve the right to adjust a bowler’s average if just cause is presented.

7) Failure to provide proper documentation or the correct average shall disqualify tournament scores if submitted average is lower than the actual average.

8) Entries without proper average verification will be considered incomplete and not considered a tournament entry and will not be accepted.

9) Bowlers’ handicap shall be 80% of the difference between 225 and the bowler average. Negative handicaps will not apply.

10) Late bowlers will start in the frame in which they are ready with all prior frames being scored as zero (0).

11) Bowlers are permitted to bowl only once in each squad event.

12) Teams and doubles may consist of any combination of men and/or women. Teams shall consist of four bowlers.

13) Substitutes may be used with the tournament officers approval.

14) No entry will be accepted without full payment. Checks and/or money orders should be made payable to LV Showgirl. No personal checks will be accepted after 8/1/2019. All prize fees collected in an event will be returned 100% and will be paid on a minimum 1:10 ratio for the participants in the main events

15) Entry fees will be broken down as follows:

Lineage $22.50
Banquet $25.00

$ 0.00

IGBO fee $ 0.75
Misc $ 1.75
Prize-fund $40.00
Total $90.00

Prize Fund Breakdown Per $40.00

Team $14.00
Doubles $13.50


16) All entries shall be accepted at the US $90 fee until August 1st, 2019. Entries postmarked after this date may be imposed a $10 late fee. Final Entry deadline is August 15th, 2019.

17) Singles will be a separate event for men and women.

18) Optional Singles All-Events and Best 3 Of 9 Event entry will be $10 fee each, all monies returned 90%.

19) Prizes for Team/Singles/Doubles Events will be distributed via check payable in US currency the day of the banquet. Scratch Masters and all the other events will be paid within 30 days of the completion of the tournament, barring any protests. A tie in any position will result in the sum of the prizes being aggregated for the tied positions and divided equally by the number of ties for that placing. Any protest must be brought to a tournament official in writing before the banquet starts or scores will stand as is. Total sheets will be posted at the end of each day.

20) Averages will be verified with USBC and TAD before start of tournament by the committee and will be verified via the bowler upon sign-in and will stand as is with the signed agreement.

21) Check in time for each event will be 30 minutes prior to the start of each squad.

22) Bowlers are not permitted to practice on their assigned lanes within 24 hours of their scheduled squad.

23) It is solely and entirely the bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of his/her entering average, whether originally submitted by the bowler, his/her team captain or others. Failure to use the correct average, if the submitted average is lower than the correct average, will result in disqualification. (USBC Rule #319a-3)

24) The tournament officers will resolve any issues that may arise which are not clearly covered in these rules. All complaints of error must be made in writing to the tournament officers not more than one hour after the completion of the scheduled event.

25) All bowlers will be given 10 minutes for practice before each squad.

Optional Scratch Masters

1. The Optional Scratch Masters competition is open to Showgirl 2019 bowlers only.

2. There will be four (4) divisions. The nine (9) game scratch total from the handicap tournament is used to determine the minimum six (6) qualifiers (this could be expanded to eight (8) qualifiers depending on total number of entries) plus alternates (in case the qualifiers fail to show) for the Round Robin (match game) competition. If a TIE exists for bottom position, there will be a one-game roll-off to determine the last qualifier.

3. The qualifiers will bowl one (1) match game against each of the other qualifiers, and a final position match. The winner of each match receives 30 bonus pins added to their score, the loser gets zero (0) bonus points. In case of a tie, 15 bonus pins are added to each bowler’s score.

4. A lane schedule will be posted before the squad begins. This lists what lane each bowler is to bowl on for each of the matches. The final match is determined by position. The leader draws for the first lane. All other positions line up to the right of the leader’s lane.

5. The highest four (4) bowlers from the match game competition advance to the finals, with #4 vs. #3, the winner of that match bowls #2, etc. A lane change will occur after each step ladder game. There are no bonus pins awarded, and no carry over from the match game competition.  If a TIE exists during any game of the final stepladder competition, a 9th and 10th frame roll-off determines which bowler advances.

6. Bowlers must check in fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled match game competition (at 8:15 am); scheduled match starts at 8:30 am on Sunday.

7. If a bowler has not checked in by 8:15 am, the alternate bowls, NO EXCEPTIONS. The unavailable bowler is disqualified and forfeits his/her entry fee into Scratch Masters. The alternate assumes the #6 (or lowest) position and the others advance accordingly.

8. Bowlers are allowed 2 balls on each lane before the start of each stepladder match. Practice lanes will be set up for others while they await their match during the step ladder if wanted.

Division Qualification Entry Fee
Division A Averages 200 and up $50 Entry Fee
Division B Averages 175 to 199 $40 Entry Fee
Division C Averages 150 to 174 $30 Entry Fee
Division D Averages 0 to 149 $30 Entry Fee

Updated Nov 11, 2018